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Tips to Tantalize this Thanksgiving


With the big feast a few days away, Ha-Ra wants to help streamline your holiday with a few tips on how to maneuver prep for the annually iconic banquet, and to help you better enjoy the company of all of your loved ones while they enjoy your phenomenal meal:

Smart that Shop – Make sure to plan out the best you can who will be attending your meal, what their eating habits and dietary restrictions might be, and take advantage of specialty stores. Identifying what items are at the best prices and where they’re sold may lead to a day of shopping at over seven different locations but it will also vastly help your wallet, and potentially your waistline!

Clean that Fridge – This may not seem like an obvious step or the most opportune time, but it will prove to be a lifesaver prior to, during, and after the holidays, if taken care of right and right away. Eliminate expired food, refresh items such as condiments and garnishes, and start the entire process by completely emptying out your fridge and freezer. Clean all interior sides, shelves, and drawers with the Ha-Ra Starter Kit. Containing the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, the Ha-Ra Nano Hedgehog Cloth, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth, the kit provides the 99% biodegradable cleaning power of the Protective Formula, while the Star Cloth is super absorbent and works like a chamois. The Nano Hedgehog Cloth provides extreme cleaning power for harder to clean areas; the blue side has been designed to break up dirt and grime while the white side removes it and dries the surface.

Clean that Fire – This means your stove, oven, range, grill, and any other device or appliance that you’ll be using to cook all your delicious dishes. This is probably the most obvious step of all, depending on how you’re planning to prepare your turkey, and the Ha-Ra Ultra Glove and the Ha-Ra Ultra Cloth can remove layers of stubborn grease accumulated through the season. The glove fits securely around your entire hand and helps with corners or when cleaning extremely rough surfaces. The cloth can be used most of the time with water, saving on Ha-Ra Protective Formula due to the patented fibers that last for years and are handmade in Germany.

Enjoy that Reprieve – During and after the big meal, make sure you kick back and relax with the fruits of your labor to the best of your ability. But also, make sure to try and keep things tidy, while you do. Ha-Ra Kalkex is a natural decalcifying agent that will help clean your sink as well as keep your coffee machines brewing strong, and the Ha-Ra Star Cloth is 75% polyester and 25% polyamide that can be used dry or damp and won’t leave any streak marks on your counter tops.

Pack that Leftover – Not the hit Showtime series, though rather well done, Ha-Ra means preparing plenty of containers, foils, and dishes ahead of time. Whether sending leftovers home with your college student, preparing lunches for your spouse, or sending friends and family away with umpteen servings from the night, make sure you have plenty of dishes on hand. In order to help clean these dishes, along with your serving utensils and anything else in your cupboard, Ha-Ra Saponella Blue Pearls are free of chlorine and corrosives and one bucket alone is enough for 250 dishwasher loads, on average. Ideal also for cleaning Ha-Ra fibers and in use with laundry, the soaps are from renewable plant sources for maximum biodegradability.

Once Thanksgiving is upon you, it will be over before you know it, so Ha-Ra wants to stress that the most important step on this entire list is to ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS! Have fun with friends and family, be thankful for all you’ve been presented with, and try to include others and give help when and where it is needed. Besides, this officially begins the countdown to Christmas, which is a whole other journey in and of itself. Ha-Ra knows you’ll need plenty of rest for all these upcoming holidays and celebrations, as well as plenty of Ha-Ra products, in preparation for all the preparation!


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