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Teaching Your Kids To Clean

Remember those beloved chore charts from your childhood? Well, it turns out our parents had it all figured out already.

It is important that children learn from an early age that cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming, but rather fun and effective. Using Ha-Ra products with your kids helps teach them a lifetime of good habits including how to be environmentally responsible. This value will help protect our natural surroundings for the years to come.

Here are FOUR HELPFUL TIPS to encourage your kiddos’ good cleaning habits:

Give Ownership
Deem certain areas of the house theirs to maintain. Kids are more likely to keep a space clean and tidy when they have ownership over it. Give them the chance to make small design or organization decisions in those spaces, and remind them it’s their responsibility to look after the rug the picked out (or whatever decision they made).

Create a Fun Checklist
Kids love to see their own progress documented and rewarded. A fun chart or checklist can provide a great outline of what chores need to be done by each child each week. Assigning simple rewards for doing their chores will give them something to look forward to in the future.

Make a Family Activity
Don’t feel like you need to stay completely hands-off when your kids are completing their chores. Schedule a time when everyone cleans the home together! Especially with younger children, it can be helpful to clean alongside them and offer assistance as needed. But, be sure to give them the space to learn on their own. No one likes to work while being watched…

Provide Education
Ensuring your children are learning healthy and eco-friendly cleaning practices at a young age will help save the Earth they’ll be living in for years to come. Review the differences found in the ingredients of chemical cleaning products and natural products like Ha-Ra. Explain the negative impacts that harsh chemicals can have on their health and environment. Green cleaning is for everyone!

Don’t sweat over finding the “right” way to teach your kids to clean. Experiment with these tips, involve and educate them, and eventually, you’ll find the perfect fit for your family!

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