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5 Tips for a Super Bowl Pre-Game Clean Up


Before you head to the kitchen to concoct some delicious dips and plentiful platters, use these simple tips to get the living room in order for perfect Super Bowl viewing.

1. Wipe down the television screen

No one likes trying to follow the bowl from underneath a layer of dust. Grab your Ha-Ra Polishing Cloth and give the screen a proper cleaning. It’s easiest when the television is turned off, and the screen is black. Good picture quality is essential for the big game, so be sure to tick this step off your list.

2. Vacuum/sweep the floors

Yes, they are definitely going to get dirty again, but it’s always good to start with a clean slate. Give your floors a good once-over with the Ha-Ra Floor Kit before setting up your shindig. Your guests will thank you when they can execute the “5 second rule” without picking up a piece of dog hair with their dropped cheese.

3. Sanitize the remote control

There are tons of germs that like to live on devices like remotes. Take this opportunity to rid yours of any lingering grime. Use your Ha-Ra Protective Formula mixture with our Polishing Cloth to trap every hiding morsel of dirt on your device.

4. Organize and store any unnecessary items

Remove all the bells and whistles from your living room. Super Bowl Sunday is not the time to impress your guests with scented candles and elegant centerpieces. Clear away the clutter, and cover your nice coffee table with a cheap table cloth in your team’s colors. Maybe invest in a few extra coasters for the end tables.

5. Arrange the seating

Lastly, tap into your inner architect and structure the perfect seating arrangement. Make sure the food is accessible but not blocking the game; keep a path clear for easy exiting; and of course, ensure every seat in the house can fully see your squeaky clean screen.

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